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Introducing a New Multipurpose Interlock Tool



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Our patent pending D.A.P™️ Tool is the ultimate tool for interlocking. Built for efficiency, you get THREE uses in one tool that limits the times you have to stop working to grab another tool. Our dual tip design allows you to flip the tool to address whatever issue you encounter as you work without missing a beat. The D.A.P™️ Tool can be used to:

  • Interlock hair; (hook tip)
  • to part hair and neaten grid lines during retightenings (utility tip); and
  • to repair slippage, holes in locs, and some early instances of bunching (the utility tip IS NOT metal, so don’t go too hard!) The hook tip IS NOT intended for repair work. Using excessive pressure can cause the tip to break, so handle with care.

The D.A.P™️Tool is lightweight; yet sturdy and is designed to glide easily through coarse-textured hair as you go through your rotations. In the testing phase, some testers indicated that they were able to reduce many of their typical retightening times by as much as 30 minutes! Individual results will vary. This tool is intended for professional use. If you are not certain how to use this tool, but have an interest in learning how to interlock hair professionally, please check out our 2-Day Virtual Training at The 4 Brown Queenz Loc Academy. Our training and this tool go hand-in-hand. Get your D.A.P™️ Tool today.

*Use Caution. This tool does have a sharp end and can cause injury with careless use. Not intended for children’s use. Tool is not meant to be submerged in any type of chemical cleaners. Practice proper sanitation by thoroughly cleaning with hot soapy water. Minimal contact sanitizing wipes can be used, but do not soak for any period of time. All sales are final; however, should you encounter any quality concerns with your purchase or delivery damage, please email our customer service department immediately at:

This loc crochet tool is ideal for repairing and attaching locs.  This tool can also be used to attach extensions or in creating instant locs.

Tool is extremely sharp, but fragile. Can puncture the skin. Use with extreme caution, comes with a protective cover for the sharp tip when not in use.

CAUTION: NOT A TOY. Product not for children under age 18.