Course Registration

The 4 Brown Queenz Loc Academy’s course is designed for  those with a desire to learn the art of Interlocking hair.  We welcome anyone that is new to this method and highly encourage braiders, cosmetologists, and barbers who wish to expand their services to enroll.  You do not have to wear locs or have locking experience to take our class.  TEACHING is what we do!

Please be sure to read our course description (on the registration site) thoroughly prior to registering.  This is a very intensive course designed for those who are serious about starting a business as a Certified Loc Specialist and those who just desire to learn a new skill.

We offer a certificate of completion to those just wanting the skill and the option to become certified for those interested in developing a Certified Loctician business.

Unless the course is canceled and cannot be rescheduled in a timely manner.

⚠️This course IS NOT affiliated with any other branded locking system or training. This course IS NOT open to Locticians and/or practitioners (past or present) affiliated with any other branded locking system. Registering under false pretenses will result in removal from the class and offenders will not be granted a refund. Additional actions may be taken if a fraudulent registration is discovered.

Don't Just Take Our Word

Listen to some of our alumni as they describe their experiences with the 4 Brown Queenz Loc Academy.

"I absolutely loved The Interlock Academy Course.   It was enlightening and informative. My favorite thing is that the course was literally in a weekend. Not long and drawn out. The 4 Brown Queenz are great mentors throughout the process."

~ Fabe Manley

(Alumni Student)

"This class was amazing! It gave me the knowledge I need to understand the business side and the tools I needed to be an Interloctician. There is even continued support after the class, which helped me land my first client! I highly recommend this class for anyone thinking about it!"

Jessica White

(Alumni Student)

"The virtual class I took a few months back was very informative, the 4 Brown Queens made me feel welcome and made it easy to learn, it was an outstanding experience."

Latricia Anderson

(Alumni Student)

"I truly enjoyed this class. I learned a lot from the Queens/women that taught the class/new skill.  I had an opportunity to ask as many questions as I wanted, and what’s really really valuable besides another stream of income is the fact that when I have questions and/or concerns the instructors are available. Starting a new business can be intimidating so the continued support is a BIG bonus, I would definitely recommend this class to everyone."

Mary Bynum

(Alumni Student)

"I participated in this phenomenal training. It is all that is advertised and more. All the supplies you need are sent right to your doorstep. The training video is so clear to follow and if you don't get it the first time just rewind (can't do that in a live class)."

Wanda James

(Alumni Student)

The 4 Brown Queenz Loc Academy will teach you how to successfully launch your business as a Certified Loc Specialist!